Nordic collaboration

Nordic Accountant Federation

The Nordic Accountant Federation (NAF) is the association for the Nordic accounting organizations in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark; Srf konsulterna, Taloushallintoliitto, Regnskap Norge, and Cereda. The purpose of NAF is to share knowledge, best practices and statistics.
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NAF has successfully created common principles for accounting and payroll in Finland, Sweden and Norway. NAF will develop similar common principles for sustainability reporting.

Shared Goal

NAF’s main goal is to promote high professional and ethical standards among accountants.


NAF's members establish regulations on accounting practices, and arrange a number of courses and seminars to ensure a high professional standard.

Regnskap Norge in Norway

Regnskap Norge prepare its members; accountants and accounting firms, for the future. The Norwegian association is a leading provider of training and competence products in economy. The association safeguards the interests of its members, is an active business policy influencer and an important consultative body for the authorities. Regnskap Norge often provide input for the development and change of laws and regulations and highlight the challenges in the media.
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Taloushallintoliitto in Finland

The Finnish Financial Management Association (TAL) is the Finish industry association for authorized companies and organizations providing financial administration services. In connection with TAL, there is the Accounting Institute Foundation, which maintains expert qualifications in the field of financial administration. TAL authorizes companies and organizations providing financial administration services and is a nationwide industry association of authorized service providers. TAL’s goal is to develop the industry together with its member companies.
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Srf konsulterna in Sweden

Srf konsulterna is the association of Swedish Accounting and Payroll consultants and was formed in 1936. Srf konsulterna has 3 600 Authorized consultants and a total of 7 000 members, engaged by 330 000 companies. Our consultants are highly qualified, committed to quality in their work. Their competence is thoroughly screened during the recruitment stage and they update their knowledge on a regular basis. They must follow Rex and SALK, the Swedish standards of accountancy and payroll, and as an accountant you have regular quality checks every six years. The Authorization is a stamp of approval and warrants the high level of competence and experience.
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Cereda in Denmark

Cereda is an industry organization within accounting and finance in Denmark. The organization has 500 members and is growing rapidly. Cereda looks after the members' interests, strengthens their business and profiles the industry.
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